Paladin Advocacy Consulting:
Cultivating a Culture of Accountability


Laura Stearns


Photo Credit: Rana Haugen

I've spent the better part of the last seven years on a journey investigating the effects of trauma. No, I'm not a therapist—I'm a survivor, and an advocate for helping others. I've worked in theater production in the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, both on and off stage, for more than three decades, and I'm a survivor of childhood sexual assault in a theater. I now spend most of my time increasing awareness and working to diminish the issues of harassment and sexual harm in the arts, and cultivating a culture of accountability.

My book, Daring to Heal: A Memoir of Trauma and Resilience [working title] is the account of my experience of breaking my silence around sexual violence and navigating a re-traumatizing legal system. It will be available in Summer of 2022. The

companion book to my memoir, ALTERED: Transforming Negative Thinking, Rape Culture and Legal Harm [working title], available in the Winter of 2022-23, provides practical application steps for transforming ourselves and our cultureBoth books will be available through Amazon, Kindle, Audible, and select bookstores.

If you are interested in my writing, my thoughts about what is happening around me and inside of me, please read my Blog. I'm practicing speaking truth in all areas of my life because I've spent far too many years burdened with shame, silence and isolation. It's time to say things OUT LOUD.